Valentine’s Day in Dubai by Lord Portal DMCC

Valentine’s Day Special Looking for things to do this Valentine’s Day in Dubai? From dining packages to stay-cation offers, we’ve got all...

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Dubai  as  we  know is an ever-changing city, where ultra - modern high-rises create spectacular skylines and 5-star hotels scream luxury to residents & tourists alike.  But ,  it is  not  all about the glitz and glamour.

Dubai  Creek  has  been the backbone of the city for decades  and  the  water taxis, known as Abras, keep the Creek bustling with life. So, what  is it like  when the Abra is an essential part of  your  day-to-day? Whether you commute on one or Captain one… we went to see what life on an Abra is really like. Abra  stations are dotted all along both sides of  Dubai  Creek. If you’re standing around any
of the stations  it  won’t be long until a driver invites you  on board  for  a tour. Dubai as we know is full of attractions  and entertainment for everyone, but we fully recommend a trip to Dubai Creek to explore.