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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Rain Room Art Installation In The UAE Where You Can't Get Wet

Summer is starting to creep in, and while we’d be the first to try anything to avoid the warmer weather, we’d probably stop short at installing a room in our flat with a built-in rain machine.
That’s essentially what the new Rain Room at Al Majarah, near Buhaira Corniche in Sharjah is – a permanent art installation that uses 1,200 litres of recycled self-cleaning water to create a near-constant downpour.
We say ‘near-constant’ because, thanks to a bevy of sensors and motion triggers that react to movement, the rain pauses as you walk through the room, making it so that you don’t ever actually get wet. How cool is that?

Article Sourced From Whatson Dubai:
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