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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Virtual Reality Park to launch in The Dubai Mall

This is a big, big, big deal for gamers.
Emaar is calling it a first-of-its-kind attraction, and we’re not sure if there are many entertainment destinations in Dubai that have gone this ambitious before.
The VR Park is an all-new attraction, setting up in The Dubai Mall, based purely on virtual reality. With a huge array of games, rides and experiences, the park is trying to target all levels of gamer – from veterans to those with a passing interest.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Saudi Arabia: Travel Guide Lord Portal DMCC & Al Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Will Be Providing KSA Tourist Visas Effective April 2018

The Middle East is a great place to travel in, especially if you're short on time or money but still want a vacation. Here are our top spots to keep in mind when travelling to Saudi Arabia.

1. Madain Saleh

As the first of Saudi Arabia's additions to the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO, Madain Saleh is an archaeological gem providing insight into the Nabatean civilisation. This civilisation is considered to have had its capital in Petra, Jordan which is also a heritage site and one of the most visited places in Jordan. At Madain Saleh, you will find remnants of the main city and more than 131 ornate Nabatean tombs carved out of sandstone mounds. This ancient Arab civilisation is believed to have worshipped idols and is of the pre-Islamic era.

2. Diving in pristine blue waters

Now opened for better diving and tourism opportunities, Saudi Arabia has one of the largest stretches of coastline lying unexplored and untouched. With warm waters year round and a slowly burgeoning trade in scuba diving training, trips and gear, Saudi Arabia is fast becoming a popular choice for divers. Expect to see pristine and colourful coral reefs, as well as ancient wrecks such as the Boiler Wreck at Abu Madafi reef and the Ann-Ann wreck on the Abu Faramish reef. The Farasan Bank is another recommended area. With great visibility and an abundant marine life, it includes parts of the Farasan archipelago which has over 80 islands.

3. Al Masjid an-Nawabi

The mosque was originally built by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a community centre, court and a religious school. It is now home to his final resting place. The most characteristic feature of the mosque is a green dome in the south-east corner. It is the second mosque built in the history of Islam, and is also one of the largest ones in the world. The mosque is always open to visitors.

4. Souq Al Alawi

It is the biggest market in Saudi Arabia and is constantly abuzz with visitors, traders and pilgrims. Original Arabic art, jewellery and traditional clothes. Tourists can strike bargain deals for great items on sale. Regardless of your purchases, a stroll through the souk would give you a true Arabian feel.  

5. Tabuk Castle

Tabuk is rich in antiquities and ancient sites - Tabuk castle being one of them. Dating back to 1559, the castle most recently underwent a full restoration in 1992. It is now a museum and a learning centre, housing various specimens from pre-historic times, texts, maps and images depicting the story of Islam and details on the educational system dating back to the first ever schools in the region. The castle has two floors and includes a mosque and a well. The second floor has stairways leading to the night-watch towers which were used by the guards at the castle.

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